Since 1993, our team has successfully invested in more than 40 middle market companies spanning a diverse array of industries. Over the last twenty-plus years, we have established a clear track record of efficiently closing transactions and collaborating with our management team partners to accelerate the growth of our companies. By providing our expertise, capital and resources, we unlock the potential of each company in order to maximize its long term value. But ultimately our success comes from establishing trusted partnerships with founders and key management team members, and collaborating with them to transition the company into a more diversified and professionally managed organization.

Since 1993, our team has successfully invested in more than 30 middle market companies spanning a diverse array of industries. Over the last twenty years, we have established a clear track record of efficiently closing transactions and collaborating with our management team partners to accelerate the growth of our companies. By providing our expertise, capital and resources, we unlock the potential of each company in order to maximize its long term value. But ultimately our success comes from establishing trusted partnerships with founders and key management team members, and collaborating with them to transition the company into a more diversified and professionally managed organization.

Since 1993, our team has successfully invested in more than 30 middle market companies spanning a diverse array of industries. Over the last twenty years, we have established a clear track record of efficiently closing transactions, and then collaborating with our new partners to accelerate the growth of our companies. By providing our expertise, capital and resources, we unleash the potential of each company in order to maximize its long term value. Transition Capital Partners is also affiliated with Patterson Thoma Family Office, whose principals make investments in private equity, distressed debt, real estate, venture capital, as well as making charitable contributions through the Patterson Thoma Foundation.

  • Hayes
  • Hospice Source
  • PostUp
  • Life

Hayes Software


Hayes Software
Located in Austin, TX, Hayes Software Systems is the expert in operational and instructional asset inventory control solutions and services for K-12 education. Customers choose to partner with the Company because they make inventory management simple, easy to use, and optimized for educational institutions. By offering software and services tailor-made for the unique needs of education professionals for over 25 years, Hayes helps over 7,000 schools across the country implement inventory control solutions. Today, the company has customers in 32 states and serves district-wide deployments in over 31 of the largest 100 school districts in the country.

Hospice Source


Hospice Source
Based in Plano, TX, Hospice Source is a full service provider of respiratory therapy and medical equipment ("DME") focused exclusively on the hospice market. Hospice Source currently provides services to almost 10,000 hospice patients in in 4 states from 27 company locations. The company's equipment and services are an important part of the delivery of end-of-life care for thousands of hospice patients each year. With an aging population in the United States, demand for the Company's services is expected to continue to grow in the future. With an experienced management team, dedicated and compassionate staff, and an industry leading software system, Hospice Source is well positioned to continue to meet these needs.
PostUp is an award-winning email, mobile and social marketing platform designed to help brands better communicate with their customers. Chosen by leading global companies, the PostUp platform empowers brands with the tools they need to intuitively create, manage and automate complex customer lifecycle communications that drive greater engagement and increased revenue.

UnsubCentral offers the industry’s leading solution for email compliance and suppression list management. UnsubCentral provides advertisers, affiliate networks and agencies with the necessary tools to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by allowing them to securely manage opt-out and customer lists across third party partners.
LifeSmart, based in Plano, TX, designs and distributes the LifeSmart family of products, including infrared heaters, fireplaces, saunas and spas. LifeSmart products are found in-store and on-line with many of the country's leading retailers.
  • High
  • GBS
  • SuccessEd
  • Monster

Highstreet IT Services


Highstreet is an IT services company that provides superior ERP and Cloud enabled managed services solutions for clients facing the challenges brought on by the intersection of traditional and updated application software solutions with new Cloud-based paradigm shifts occurring in the market. Highstreet offers full lifecycle consulting support services, including implementations, upgrades, optimization, application assessments, software selection, IT strategy, project management, application management, and change management services for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

GBS Enterprises


GBS Enterprises
GBS Enterprises provides warranty services and healthy sleep products to some of the nation's largest and most respected retailers. These services include Furniture Protection Programs, Top-of-Bed Products and Protection Programs, Adjustable Bed Protection Programs, and Furniture Cleaning and Protection Products. GBS offers these products and services to the Furniture, Mattress/Bedding, and Pest Control Industries.



Located in Frisco, TX, SuccessEd is an innovative educational software provider that is built by educators for educators. SuccessEd puts time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators which track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, Medicaid, ELL, and behavior programs. SuccessEd currently works with 298 districts utilizing 747 product licenses. More than half of SuccessEd's employees have spent significant portions of their careers as teachers, diagnosticians, therapists, school psychologists, administrators or special education directors and although they have stepped away from the campus, they strive to maintain certifications and continuing education requirements. This allows SuccessEd to stay in tune with educators and what they are hearing and learning and allows SuccessEd's development to keep up with the ever evolving state requirements. With a friendly and expert staff, and world class software, SuccessEd is well set for continued growth.



Monster Moto
Monster Moto, based in Dallas, TX, is an innovative, premium mass retail power sports manufacturer. Its core product mix includes pit-bikes, youth and adult mini-bikes and youth go-karts. The Company's primary distribution network is comprised of North American big box retail partners.
  • Alta
    Home Care
  • LT Energy Services
  • Coordinated Home
    Health Care
  • Santé Pediatric Services
Alta Home Care
Alta Homecare is a leading provider of non-medical homecare services to the Southern California market. Alta's mission is to allow the senior population the ability to age at home with comfort, safety, and dignity. Alta provides services to both the private-pay and Medicaid-reimbursed markets. With the Baby Boomer generation continuing to advance into its senior years, Alta is well positioned to maintain its position as a market leader as demand for its services continues to grow.

Home Health Care


Coordinated Home Health Care
Coordinated Home Health Care is the largest provider of home health caregiver services in the State of New Mexico. Founded over 25 years ago in Las Cruces , the company has grown to over 12 offices, providing daily services to over 1,100 Medicaid patients in southern New Mexico. Transition Capital Partners acquired Coordinated in early 2007 and is focused on growing the existing Medicaid business and aggressive expanding into skilled Medicare services.
Santé Pediatric Services
Santé Pediatric Services is Texas' largest provider of pediatric rehabilitation services. The Company offers customizable therapy programs for children that can include Speech & Language Pathology, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in both clinic and/or home settings. At the date of acquisition by Transition Capital Partners (December, 2009), Santé offers services in five major Texas MSAs (Dallas/Ft. Worth, El Paso, Tyler, San Antonio and Austin) and operates out of 11 clinic locations.
  • Cambridge Home Health Care
  • Trawood Home Healthcare
  • Pasos Home Healthcare
  • San Vicente Home Health Care
Cambridge Home Health Care
Founded in 1994, Cambridge is a growing provider of home healthcare to individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living or skilled nursing care in the comfort of their own home. Cambridge provides home healthcare for individuals referred by physicians, hospitals, managed care organizations and government funded agencies.
Trawood Home Healthcare
Trawood is based in El Paso, TX and is an add-on acquisition to the Las Cruces, NM based Coordinated Home Health Care (CHHC). The acquisition of Trawood allows CHHC the opportunity to expand their skilled Medicare home healthcare services into El Paso Texas, the sister city to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Trawood is the third home health agency acquired by CHHC and the first in Texas.
Pasos Home Healthcare
Pasos Home Health Care was an add-on acquisition to Coordinated Home Healthcare, a TCP portfolio company. Acquiring Pasos allowed CHHC to extend its Medicare services to more counties of New Mexico. With the Pasos acquisition, CHHC now provides Medicare services to the majority of its locations in addition to it's existing custodial care services. Please see the Coordinated Home Healthcare page for more information.
San Vicente Home Health Care
Transition Capital Partners consolidated San Vicente Home Health Care with Coordinated Home Healthcare in effort to extend their services to now include skilled Medicare services along with custodial care. Please see the Coordinated Home Healthcare page for more information.
  • 1-800-RECONEX
  • Option 1 Nutrition Solutions
  • Digney
  • Comfort
In June 1996, Transition Capital Partners launched Fast Connections, a reseller of local phone service. The company experienced significant growth by providing prepaid service to customers who cannot get service from the local operating company. During 1996 Fast Connections completed its first round of outside equity financing with Hunt Capital and a group of outside investors. The company acquired two regional competitors during 1997 and one more during 1998. Fast Connections was merged with 1-800-RECONEX in December 1997, which is in the same business. In 2002, 1-800-Reconex established a division named US Tel to provide the same services on a post-paid basis to creditworthy customers. 1-800-Reconex presently serves customers in 44 states.
Option 1 Nutrition Solutions
OPTION 1 Nutrition Solutions is a specialized company in the home care field focused 100% on Enteral Therapy. The Company has designed a streamlined process that provides a seamless transition from hospital to home of enteral nutrition products, pumps and poles and feeding supplies. Option 1 staff provide expert instructions to home based caregivers and patients that allow them to function comfortably at home. Option 1 was sold to Thompson Street Capital Partners in August 2007.
Digney York
Digney York Associates, located in Vienna, Virginia, is one of the most experienced and capable General Contractors serving the Hospitality industry. The Company specializes in working with high-end hospitality providers such as the Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, and Wyndham. The Company was sold to Merit Capital Partners in August 2007.
Comfort Keepers
Comfort Keepers® was founded in Springfield, Ohio, in January 1998, and specializes in providing private pay, affordable, non-medical, in-home care to the elderly, new mothers and those recovering from illness. The company focuses on offering services to those individuals who are capable of managing their own physical needs, but require some assistance with the routines of daily living. With over 400 current franchises, CK Franchising is the fastest growing franchisor of private pay, affordable, non-medical, in-home care in the United States. The company was recently ranked #2 out of the top 25 new franchisors in Entrepreneur Magazine's Annual Franchise 500.
  • NMCR
  • Texas Home Health
  • Tributary Systems
  • Future
NMCR is a provider of physician accredited continuing medical education (CME) and analytical research for the oncology market. The company organizes and conducts continuing education seminars headlined by luminaries in the field for oncologists who then receive CME credit for attending. The Company was sold to AmerisourceBergen in January 2006.
Texas Home Health
Texas Home Health, located in Silsbee, TX, is a leading provider of comprehensive home health services to private individuals, case managers, physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies and health maintenance organizations. The Company was sold to Friedman, Fleisher & Lowe in September 2005.
Tributary Systems
Tributary Systems, Inc (TSI) was the global leader in providing secure storage and virtualization solutions for the high availability (fault-tolerant) Tandem and other enterprise computing platforms. TSI's fully integrated solutions were designed for the most demanding high availability backup storage environments running mission critical applications. Recognizing that TSI was the current market leader, and that other fault-tolerant systems would eventually be introduced to the market, TCP was able to execute a pricing strategy to generate a very healthy return before managing a designed wind-down of the investment 5 years later.
Future Foods
Future Food began as a small operation of only four employees developing hundreds of seafood-based recipes with exceptional and unique flavor profiles. Once acquired by TCP, the Company had partnered with a "co-packager" who would manufacture, package and ship the products to a large contingent of grocery store clients. The fresh seafood products, such as sea food salads, dips and sauces, were displayed and sold in the deli section of a grocery store. The Company was sold to American Capital Strategies in July 2004.
  • Aeries Behavioral Healthcare
  • Sunrise Behavioral Health
  • Columbus Medical
  • GFRC
    Cladding Systems
Aeries Behavioral Healthcare
Aeries Health Care Group is a 200 bed psychiatric hospital that treated adults and juveniles. Once Transition Capital acquired Aeries Health Care Group, the Company grew from a census of 16 upon acquisition to 160 upon exit. The Company was sold to Psychiatric Solutions in June 2002.
Sunrise Behavioral Health
Sunrise Behavioral Health operated psychiatric units in rural hospitals primarily treating depression in elderly patients. Transition Capital grew the company from four units, since the acquisition, to 33 units when it sold to Psychiatric Solutions in May 2000.
Columbus Medical
Columbus Medical Services LLC, a Pennsylvania based company, was founded in 1984 to provide on-site staffing services, consulting services and continuing education services to public and private mental retardation and developmental disability ("MR/DD") centers and administrators. In 1996, TCP principals participated in the recapitalization of Columbus with the company's founder.

GFRC Cladding


GFRC Cladding Systems
Jim Tolson founded GFRC Cladding Systems in 1988, and has grown the business into what is today the largest and most respected supplier of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) precast architectural panels east of the Rockies. Since its inception, the Company has successfully completed more than 250 commercial and institutional construction projects in over 30 states. TCP acquired the Company at the end of 2007.
  • D&S Residential Services Inc.

D&S Residential Services Inc.


D&S Residential Services Inc.
D&S founded in 1991, is a growing operator of residential homes for people with special needs. Today, the company offers a wide range of living facilities and services to persons who are mentally retarded or have other developmental disabilities to allow them to better live, work, recreate and grow in settings that provide the comfort, security and convenience of a home and community centered life. D&S provides services to over 600 clients in Texas and Tennessee and currently operates 111 group home facilities. D&S recently acquired two 13-bed intermediate care facilities for the mentally disabled from American Habilitation Services, Inc. This acquisition solidifies D&S' leading market position in west Texas. Transition Capital Partners is actively seeking additional acquisitions of companies providing services to people with special needs with a focus on group home and foster care providers.
  • Stonegate Private Duty
  • Searchdex
  • Send
    Word Now
  • Planet
Stonegate Private Duty
Texas based provider of non-medical homecare
Provider of e-commerce solutions including organic search, pay per click, internal search, & site design
Send Word Now
Provider of mass notification system & emergency notification service
Planet Hospital
Pioneer in the medical tourist industry
  • TelaDoc
  • Baskins
  • Voyager
  • Engenium
Provider of telehealth medical consults in the United States
Regional Western Wear Department Store Chain
Nationally recognized leader in reading and math intervention for at-risk students
Engenium is a leading provider of intelligent search and search-related products designed to improve information access for business users. Founded in 1998 to overcome the shortcomings of existing information retrieval solutions, the company has incorporated a full range of search capabilities from keyword to conceptual in its patented and award-winning Ontrack Engenium engines in order to streamline interaction with business applications and services. Law firms, electronic discovery companies, human resource departments, intelligence agencies, defense organizations, publishing companies, and a variety of other enterprises rely on the Ontrack® Engenium® human-like information sorting and retrieval capabilities to mine massive volumes of digital data every day. The Company was sold to Kroll Ontrack in January 2005.
  • Oncology Molecular Imaging
  • Proxy
  • Furniture
  • Eagle Health Care
Oncology Molecular Imaging
Oncology Molecular Imaging, LLC ("OMI"), founded in 2005, focuses on Positron Emission Tomography. Transition Capital Partners has co-developed and invested in this dynamic healthcare service concept with a former CEO of a portfolio company and OMI's management team. Dan Patterson, a Transition Capital Partners Partner notes "Transition Capital Partners traditionally does not fund start ups, however it does develop long-term relationships with its business owners and viewed this investment as an excellent working partnership in an exciting growth area."
Proxy Communications
Provider of inbound call center services to the media response market
Furniture Factory
Furniture collections from furniture manufacturers
Eagle Health Care
Provider of Compression Pumps used in Treatment of Lymphedema
  • Value Added Services
Value Added Services
Retail Warranty Administration and Service Provider